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CANTO The King
alias anotnak
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  1. Caricature (funny): see

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  2. The King himself (too much): see

    canpic13.jpg - 29.517 K

  3. The paint( a top ): see

  4. Against David May (1): see

    canpic02.jpg - 59.091 K

  5. Against David May (2): see

  6. Against Liverpool: see

  7. Playing with his opponent: see

    canpic06.jpg - 40.977 K

  8. Although injured, is the best: see

  9. He terrorize defenses: see

  10. Some ones try to hurt him, they regret( Kungfu Cantona ): see

  11. He is suspend for making his justice

    Shut up and read this sentence

    When the sea-gulls are following the trawler, it is because they thinks sardines will be thrown into the sea.

  12. Banned :


  13. Alex have still supported him

  14. The come back is winning
    1. Victory in the F.A.Cup

    2. On other trophy

  15. Under Alex Fergusson's eyes : see

  16. He's get old: see

  17. He 's enjoy when he's playing
    1. Head
    2. The artist
  18. He's a happy man
    1. Sea
    2. Manchester's children love him

    Unfortunately for fans, he has decided to retire at 31 years old, at the top of his career after a semifinal in Champion's ligue which he must had been win one day.Whose fault? Without a doubt to Aimé Jacquet the french coach who although never said, didn't want ERIC in his team.Why?He's alone to know that..

    France have lost a great football champion.Thanks a lot to Mr Jacquet we won't forget that.

    Some regrets

    ERIC said of Henri Michel that he was a "sac à merde "( shitbag ), I think as much as Jacquet.

I would like to notice you that in the french version you can get Theme about Eric CANTONA for Microsoft Plus!

Kind regards to Starbuck, Lock, Alcuin, Bouh_man, Paulimc, Baffie01, Shannon01, Ollunis, Gandalf le sage, Config.sys, Highway et Starbug

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